Application Screens

Sample Applications

The general application question for the four activity types are slightly different. To view a pdf sample application, select the relevant link below:

Project Budget

Students are required to create a budget for the funding they are requesting. Some suggested categories are provided by SAFE and the student can enter additional lines as needed.

Documents and Other Requirements

Students can upload documents into their application.

SAFE has some requirements of all applicants and some requirements of all applicants for particular activity types. Funders can opt to list additional requirements for students that apply to their opportunities. SAFE requirements include:

  • TRANSCRIPT--All activity types in SAFE require students to upload an unofficial transcript.

Students who have listed a recommender on their applications will be asked to acknowledge that they do/do not waive their right to review it.

Saving Applications and Project Locking

Students can save their applications in draft and return to them later. Once the project is submitted, the student can make changes until it is "locked." Projects lock in the following conditions:

  • Independent projects lock upon submission. This is because independent project opportunities often have very long application periods. Funders cannot award projects until they are locked; therefore, locking the independent project upon submission enables the funder to pay the student promptly.
  • STR, Internship, and Study Abroad applications lock upon the first application deadline for any of the funds for which the student has applied.
  • GROUP projects lock when the first award is made.

When projects are locked, students are still able to: