New Features

8/5/15  SAFE is accessible for graduate students and funders of graduate students


8/5/15  Additional Activity Types include:

  • Graduate Research
  • Graduate Internships
  • Graduate Conferences
  • Graduate Group Projects/Events


8/5/15  Project Locking

  • Previously, student projects locked at the earliest application deadline. Recommenders, department reps, and advisors would not be notified until the application deadline. Student projects now lock upon submission of the application. Recommenders, department reps, and advisors will be notified when students submit.


8/5/15  Recommendations

  • Recommenders had previously been required to enter text into a recommender form. Recommenders can now upload a letter of recommendation via the SAFE recommender form. Also, students will now be notified when recommendations are submitted.


8/5/15  Projects List

  • Funders can now view all travel requests directly from a link on the projects list.
  • Funders can now view how much of their offered award has been paid. Partial payments are highlighted in yellow for easy visibility on the projects list.
  • Funders can now view the destination in the projects list.